Sculplla Filler Facial Pre and Post Treatment Instructions

Proper home care both before and after treatment is essential to achieving optimal results, and minimizing potential adverse reactions.  Your service provider may recommend a home care routine, or other treatments, to prepare your skin for the Sculplla Filler Facial.  Failure to follow the recommendations listed here can result in injury to your skin and/or poor results from the treatment. 

While you can (and often will) see results after the first treatment, the mask takes time to build up in the hair follicles of your face. The results are cumulative. Each time you get a treatment more is deposited into the follicle to stimulate your face to make more collagen. I usually suggest 3 treatments for clients over the age of 40, one per week; however, three is a good start.

Sculplla is contraindicated for:
Active Acne lesions
Pustular Rosacea
Active Herpes lesions
Sunburned skin
Open Wounds
Skin Conditions which cause sensitivity

Before Your Treatment:

  • Discontinue the use of all active skincare products for a minimum of 3 days before your Sculplla treatment. This includes retinoids, vitamin c, AHAs and BHAs. If you have a question about whether a product you use is considered an “active” consult with your service provider.

  • Do not receive any deep exfoliation or resurfacing treatments within 2 weeks of your planned Sculplla treatment. This includes chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and laser resurfacing among others. You must disclose to your service provider all treatments that you are receiving at other locations.
  • Do not receive Botox within 2 weeks of your planned Sculplla treatment. If you receive injectable fillers, you must wait 3 weeks before receiving a Sculplla treatment.
  • If you are prone to Herpes lesions and take an antiviral, you may want to take your antiviral prophylactically before receiving a Sculplla treatment. You should consult your prescribing physician about taking your medication in this manner.
  • If you have taken a course of Accutane, you must wait 6 months before receiving Sculplla.
  • If you use topical medications such as Metrogel or Differin, you must consult your prescribing physician before receiving Sculplla.
  • No microneedling, home or professional, two weeks before treatment. 

After Your Treatment:

  • Do not get your skin wet for 12-24 hours. Avoid any activity that will expose you to steam (this includes cooking), or that will cause you to sweat.
  • Do not apply any makeup until the following day after receiving your Sculplla treatment.
  • Do not use any exfoliating products, including non-abrasive ones, for at least 3 days post treatment.

  • Less is more while receiving your Sculplla treatments, it is fine to use a gentle cleanser, your stem cell mist and a moisturizer/sunscreen only.
  • Avoid sun exposure/tanning for 24-48 hours post treatment