Massages by Becky Masters, LMT, LE

Becky graduated from Seattle Massage School in 1996.  She is a clinically trained massage therapist and started her career in the boom and is very familiar with the pains and ailments of clients who spend their days at the computer. Becky has completed 3 marathons; and loves to work on the everyday athlete.  Her massage style has been described as firm and thorough. She comes from the school of thought that the whole body is connected and likes to address the body as a complete system while focusing on client’s specific needs. 

Specialty Techniques: Neurom­uscular Therapy, Orthopedic Massage for Cervical Pain,

Sports Massage, Prenatal using  bodyCushion™ system.

One hour therapeutic massage includes a thirty minute organic enzyme facial.  This quick and gentle face treatment is a papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and mango infused blend designed to naturally balance tired, stressed and dull-looking skin. Great light and quick exfoliation! No down time. Good for all skin types, for sensitive skin, pregnant women and teens.


One hour therapeutic massage and thirty minute Signature Lift.  Results-driven treatment will change the image of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and gentle yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening of all skin types, even Rosacea and sensitive skin.


This massage will find the zenful balance between working out the kinks and relaxation. 

Becky is also available for massage 



Relax your body. Calm your mind. Renew your skin.