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​​​Fall in love with taking care of your skin!

​Lincoln Square Skin Care offers facials, chemical peels, enzyme lifts, LED light therapy and more for all skin types and conditions. Never had a facial before? Start with a Customized Facial, we will customize everything to your needs. Becky is offering the new ReZENerate Facial,the "Magic Wand Facial", that uses nanotechnology to help corrective serums penetrate your skin and provide visible improvement.  She is an authorized provider for the Korean "No Needles/Sculplla" Filler Facial.  We also offer under eye treatments for wrinkles, lip treatments, back facials, fanny facial (facial for your BUM!), massage therapy, as well as services for freezing off age spots, sun spots and small skin tags.  

Have you noticed your skin changing lately? Has it become dry and uncomfortable, or oily and prone to breakouts? Changes in your hormones caused by pregnancy, puberty, menopause or transitioning and taking estrogen or testosterone, may be reflected on your skin. We can help you navigate your skin care during these life changes.
Lincoln Square Skin Care has the perfect treatment for you! Let us show you the visible difference a monthly facial can make, and what a quality peel can do for you. After your appointment, you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated and empowered by knowing how to protect and maintain the health of your skin.

Covid-19 Update:  

I moved my office home so I can offer the safest environment possible.  At my home office there is an outdoor entrance, I can control the disinfection, there is fresh moving air, and I schedule appointments far enough apart that I can air the treatment room out between clients.

Online booking is live!

I have been busy keeping up with disinfection education and

received two certifications. Your safety, and mine, will come first.

If you have any questions please email or text me.

Thank you for supporting my small business.

Becky Masters